Welcome to the Arkansas Barrel Racing Association!  We are a
familyoriented organization founded in 1960 and centered around
our members' love for their horses and the increasingly popular
sport of barrel racing.  Each of our members brings a distinct
appreciation for barrel racing to our group.

All ages and riding abilities are welcome and the ABRA offers
divisions for all riders at every level. Our classes include Lead
Line Barrels, Pony Poles & Barrels (10 & under on a pony),
Buckaroo Poles & Barrels (13 & under), Junior Poles & Barrels
(14-18), & Senior Poles & Barrels (19+). We offer a Novice Barrel
Horse Division for the up and coming horses, as well as a Novice
Rider class for any age rider who is just starting their barrel racing
career. We also have the Junior & Senior Jackpot divisions which
are open to members who earn money in any division (1D, 2D,
3D, 4D, etc.) of open and youth jackpots, as well as the Junior &
Senior Rodeo divisions for money won at ARA, ACA, IPRA, CRRA,
CALBRA, WPRA and other rodeo association and timed event
rodeos.  We also allow Arkansas Horse Show Association and
AQHA show points to count toward the year-end standings in their
respective events.  We pride ourselves on offering a place for
everyone in ABRA.

Numerous year end awards are given every November at the
ABRA Roundup Banquet in each of the ABRA's 15 divisions.
Saddles, buckles, and over $25,000 worth of awards and prizes
go to those who are in the final standings of their divisions at the
end of August.  You'd truely have to see to believe all the awards
that fill the banquet hall each year. All of our donation chairmen
work extremely hard throughout the year sponsoring horse shows
and fund raisers to make all this possible.

Strong competition abounds in Barrel Racing and nothing displays
these talents like a Jackpot Barrel Race. Each year ABRA
sponsors several added money 4D Jackpots around the state.  
Our sponsorship of these events always brings an enthusiastic
group of can chasers together for fun-filled competition.  Through
these jackpots, and all of our events, we truly strive to exemplify
the spirit of good sportsmanship while encouraging the
competitive spirit. If you are interested in competing in or just
supporting the ABRA, please feel free to contact any of our board
members or donation chairmen.

To learn more about our organization, check the show schedule,
or see some photos taken at our events, click the buttons above.  
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